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CUFN enables credit union partners to enhance member experience and achieve economies of scale as part of a larger CUSO. In addition to offering investment products and insurance services, you have access to estate planning solutions, advisory, asset management and financial planning options, bringing recurring revenue to your credit union.

Helping credit unions build and grow a comprehensive financial services offering.

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Why Credit Unions Partner with CUFN



Sales, Service, and Compliance Teams for Insurance and Investment Departments



Financial Education and Financial Planning/Investments and Insurance



Net Income Increases When the Right People are in the Right Seats

Financial Stability Starts Here

CUFN has been innovative and collaborative in delivering investments, insurance, and estate planning services to Members for over 15 years. Partnering with Priority Financial Group (PFG) for investment services provides our Members with access to the #1 CU Friendly RIA. Having a Members’ first approach has served us well in enhancing the Member’s experience through high quality products and services, including an advisory forward approach to financial education and planning.

If Members could choose, they would choose CUFN and its high quality, low cost relationship with Priority Financial Group (PFG).

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